Our story

Let’s Change How We Promote & Play Music

Imagine being at a job you may not like. Imagine always fighting with your loved ones. Imagine being alone and fighting your negative feelings. Imagine being stuck in traffic and noticing your frustration levels rise very high. Now imagine being isolated and having no connection with anyone.

Well, let us be a connection you to with playing the kind of music you like to hear. We run the spectrum of electronic music from Lounge and Vaporwave music, to house and tech house, to techno and trap/hip hop. During these challenging times, we understand how lost and hopeless you may feel about the sanity of the world today. We also understand you are searching for solace and a lifesaver for you current situation. We hope to be that lifesaver for you and your state of mind.

We hope you enjoy this music of this station, and feel free to reach out to us if you want to request a track that you want to hear.

The Motown Music Factory Team